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Animated Video

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What is an Animated Video?

Do you remember how influenced and intrigued you were by cartoons growing up? Something about the limitless creativity and storytelling drew you in and captured your attention with so much ease! Now, imagine providing your customers with that same experience with a video related to your company or product/service!

Animated videos can be anything from a the portrayal of an abstract idea, breaking down more complicated subject manner into simple terms, or even funny skits that demonstrate how your product/service will positively impact the lives of your consumer base. The wonderful thing about animated video is that there really aren’t any limits in regards to what you can create!

Why are Animated Videos Important?

Creating animated video content that is both entertaining and engaging will ultimately yield more sales. In fact, studies have shown that animated videos increase conversion rates by 80%! Not only that, but animated video improves SEO and gives you a leg up on the competition when it comes to consumers looking for products/services that will help fulfill their needs and solve their problems.

Animations are cost-effective, easy to update, expansive and engaging. This makes them a rather invaluable tool in regards to your marketing campaign and/or business strategy. Whether you are using the video to promote your business or product/service, or gain the attention of potential partners at a business meeting, animated video gives you an edge in the competitive market and gives your business the shimmer of a technologically sound and innovative company.

Why Video Tailors?

Video Tailors is a jack of all trades when it comes to video capture and production. As such, animated video is one of the options they provide, and they provide it exceptionally well. Do you want to breakdown complicated information for your employees to cut costs on training programs? Are you looking to convey your story and purpose through an emotional and creative skit? Are you wondering how you can explain the ins and outs of your product/service without putting your audience to sleep with pages of text? If you found yourself saying “yes” or having to truly consider these questions, then perhaps it is time you consider animated video.

Video Tailors will make sure that you feel heard, your vision is seen with clear eyes, and your heart is satisfied with not only the end-product, but the experience as a whole. They pride themselves on providing every single one of their clients with the same methodology and high-quality cultivation that some believe is only reserved for those with the deepest pockets. With Video Tailors, this is not the case. Everyone who is in business with them gets the highest quality available, because quality is what they stand by.

Set Your Self Apart With Engaging Animated Content

Are you tired of feeling like you just don’t add up against your competitors in this ever-evolving and expanding market? Well, stop feeling sorry for yourself and get ready to make a cost-efficient investment that will increase your numbers, strengthen your bond with customers, and expand your reach beyond what you thought was possible with animated video!

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