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What Exactly is an Event Video?

Whether you wish to capture all the amazing moments at your wedding or you are a business looking to get wonderful footage of your next event that can be used in promotional material down the road, event videos are a great way of freezing those bubbly and brilliant moments in time so that you can revisit them again and again.

Events, in and of themselves, are multi-faceted entities that, once in motion, run their own course until the energy dies down and the mission is accomplished. As such, trying to capture each moving piece of an event is no simple task, and attempting to take on such a responsibility on your own can be quite daunting when you haven’t the faintest idea where to start. Not to mention, turning that raw footage into a usable and cohesive work of art is no easy feat, and it requires real professionals to handle all the intricacies with an objective lens.

An event video doesn’t just show your audiences what they missed out on. It reveals the deep level of commitment at your grandparent’s 50th anniversary party. It conveys the joyous laughter and silly games at your child’s 10th birthday. It depicts the passionate thrill of love at your wedding ceremony and the plethora of shenanigans at the reception. It shows your potential partners and customers the value of the concerts, expos, conferences, and/or workshops you produce, and provides them with a frame of reference for future opportunities.

Who Needs an Event Video?

As aforementioned above, it doesn’t matter if you are throwing an event to celebrate a personal achievement or are putting together a networking event for business collaboration; an event video can make a world of difference in creating memories, retaining them, and seeing it all from an outside perspective that provides you with the ability to experience that moment again from an entirely new point of view.

With that being said, I think the more accurate question is, “Who doesn’t need an event video?!”

Why is an Event Video Important?

Perhaps you are an entrepreneur or business owner who is looking to get footage of an expo where your company was featured. You helped organize the expo so you want to have a video of the whole event made so that you can use it as a promo video in the future to show audiences what your company can do, why they should get involved, and create an emotional buzz that will result in them taking action.

On the flip side, maybe you are just wanting to make a memorable and touching video of your wedding. Radiant smiles are putting the rose garden to shame, the jovial dancing is a hoot, and that kiss of commitment in front of all of your loved ones brings tears to even the most frugal of gentleman. Why wouldn’t you want to capture such a perfect series of moments? Why wouldn’t you want to have that to share with family and friends and remind yourselves of the love that you share for one each other?

Why Video Tailors?

Video Tailors takes immense pride in providing their clientele with top-quality video, customer interaction, and personable communication that is certain to blow you away!

While they do work with large companies, they make it a point to work with small companies as well. All the while, providing each customer with the same high-quality experience as the last. However, though the quality is the same—that being the best—they ensure that each of their clients’ individual visions and needs are brought into reality with artistic fervor and great consideration. 

Video Tailors is highly skilled in filming video, as well as editing and revising video in post production, which is yet another quality that sets them apart from other run-of-the-mill videographers and video companies.

Capture the Moment Forever!

An event video can be the perfect way to remember an experience through an objectively cinematic lens and provide you with the means to relive that experience from a new perspective again and again. Or it may be the means with which to gain new clientele and/or business partnerships when it comes to your event consulting business. Whatever it may be, the only question you need to ask yourself is: “What do I have to lose?”