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Testimonial Videos

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Moss Berg Slip and Fall Testimonial

What are Testimonial Videos?

In short, customers want to hear about how your product, service or brand is going to exponentially improve their lives, but they don’t want to hear it from you.

A testimonial video is a well-composed, well-articulated work of art that establishes trust and authenticity with your potential client base and creates an emotional connection between the consumer, your company, and what your company provides.

Any business can list their product/service features online for all to see, but it takes tact, creative vision and expertise to create emotional draw through a well-formulated testimonial video. A good testimonial video will convince your customers that your product/service will, without a doubt, improve the quality of their lives. This is done through your customers sharing the pain of a problem they experienced, the relief they felt after discovering your product, and the satisfaction and fulfillment they reveled in after purchasing your product or service.

Why are Testimonial Videos Important?

For starters, 85% of consumers report looking for online reviews before making a purchase, and 84% of consumers report that they trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations. So, considering this information, why not compose a testimonial video that captures the most positive experiences with your company rather than leaving it up to chance with the select few that may have been having a bad day and projected it onto your company and left a bad review?

At its core, consumers are not buying your product or service, but the experience they expect after using your product or service. Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for all types of content marketing at 89%. With such a staggering percentage of success, it only makes sense to integrate such a valuable tool into your marketing strategy.

A well thought out and well executed testimonial video establishes credibility and reliability between consumers and your business, demonstrates diversity and versatility, and speeds up the process of guiding prospects through the sales funnel. So, not only does it assist you in improving your sales and establishing a better reputation with your company, but it also creates a bond of trust that strengthens your relationships with prospective consumers and other businesses.

Why Video Tailors?

Video Tailors are well-versed in creating and delivering all types of video content for their clients. What’s more, is they strive for excellence and consistency across the board, regardless of who their clients are. Whether it is a major corporation or a local mom and pop shop, they excel at hearing out their clients so that they can bring their visions to life with vibrant detail and exquisite composition.

This consistency of value speaks for itself, as they not only provide a product that is as reputable as it is beautiful, but they foster fruitful relationships with their client base that is built on the grounds of trust and integrity. This is attractive and reliable across the board, no matter your company’s product or service that is on the market.

Build Trust with Your Customers the Right Way!

Despite the fact that all consumers have their own perceptions and opinions, it does not mean that their viewpoint of your company, and the products and services you provide, should be left entirely to chance. There is always room to show your prospects the shiny side of the coin and remind them of the immense good that your services can bring them. With a great testimonial video through enlisting the help of Video Tailors, you can ensure that your clients understand your mission and the great impact your company has had on other consumers. Build trust, improve your numbers, and enhance the relationship you have with your customers the right way with a testimonial video that is certain to touch the hearts of the clients that matter.