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The undeniable truth about today’s highly competitive business climate is that the companies with the best hiring, as well as training and development programs, are bound to rise above their competitors and stay there.

In the past, businesses would have to shell out a hefty investment on an instructor, while making drastic changes to schedules to ensure that their new hires and current workforce were able to attend the training seminars. All the while, there was a lack of certainty when it came to the quality of retention and application of said information. As such, the investment was not guaranteed to give them a high ROI or improve the quality of their employees’ workflow and work experience.

Now, businesses can utilize training videos to streamline and mobilize their training programs, making them more accessible, more affordable, and guarantee better results from their workforce.

What is a Training Video?

Instead of using instructor-based training, companies can now utilize the most popular medium of content to deliver information to their employees in a highly customizable manner that improves the probability that their workforce will not only retain the information, but have access to it at their leisure and apply it more readily in their procedural practices.

Through the use of video, companies can create content that engages their audience on multiple levels of stimulation, and can cater the experience accordingly. This high level of customization allows for businesses to inject their personality into the training, as well as make it interactive and engaging to ensure retention; all the while producing measurable data such as that of seeing who has viewed the video, as well as who has watched the video all the way through.

Another positive aspect of using videos in training and development programs is that has a low initial investment and can be made available for reference at any point in time. Employees and new hires can access the video at their leisure to revisit information, and companies can unify the experience to make sure that everyone learns the same information in a unified manner.

Why are Training Videos Important?

Large corporations save roughly 50-70% when they switch from instructor-based training models to video. In fact, Microsoft reported that when they switched to training videos they cut their costs down from $320 to $17! That is a massive fiscal improvement!

Training videos are not only cost-effective for businesses, but video also has the capacity to better encode information into long-term memory rather than short-term memory. This ensures that the audience will retain the information more effectively. Studies have shown that 65% of those who watch training videos are more likely to retain information when they can digest it visually rather than imagine it.

Another reason that training videos are a more effective method of communicating new information is because they allow for businesses to break down complicated information, as well as give everyone watching it the same experience.

With all sorts of different styles of video to choose from, such as: stop-motion, live-action, animation, etc., companies can introduce new products/services, demonstrate a new system or software, bring on new hires, continually educate their current workforce, and improve customer service skills in a fun and engaging manner that is as accessible as it is cost-effective.

Why Video Tailors?

Video Tailors provides customers with an experience that is as liberating as it is satisfying. With a vast array of video styles and immense creative freedom at their disposal, they have the capability to assist you in bringing your vision to life and creating content that is relevant, engaging, beautiful, and moreover, worth every penny.

While they work with creating content for large companies with large wingspans, they pride themselves in providing younger and smaller businesses with the same high-quality content that they deliver across the board, ensuring a level of creative integrity that speaks for itself.

With Video Tailors, the sky truly is the limit, and they provide their clients not only with work that speaks for itself, but a personable experience that will leave their clientele feeling fulfilled, satisfied, and with more energy than when they first arrived.

Set Up Your Team for Success!

Why beat around the bush and settle for old methods of information delivery when you can give your company the edge and engagement that will improve both the numbers and the overall experience? With Video Tailors, you can rest assured that your message will be communicated with clarity, artistic vigor, and consideration for your personal vision. If you could save money and enhance your employees’ learning experiences through something as simple as a training video, would you?