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What is a Brand/Origin Story?

When building a brand or business, the acquisition of devoted fans and consumers is not solely due to your products or services; it is because of your story, your purpose, and your contributions to the greater whole.

A Brand/Origin story gives your current and prospective customers an insight into your personality, your narrative, and the journey of growth and redemption that your company serves to portray and deliver. More often than not, there was a pain point or a problem that the creation of your business aimed to solve or ease, and that story is what your audience wants to hear.

Why is a Brand/Origin Story Important?

Your origin story is the foundation for all other stories about your company, and it frames who you are and why you do what you do for those on the outside looking in. It is an opportunity to be vulnerable and authentic with consumers and establish real, lasting connections through trust. Everything we do is built on the quality of our relationships, and setting the tone with honesty and openness is the best policy for creating a strong and resilient bond.

Your brand/origin story helps your audiences to determine whether or not they want to do business with you. They want to know your failures, your aspirations, your mission, your philosophy, your story. They want to feel your humanity and see it at work. This creates an emotional connection to your business, which is the crux of a devoted and supportive consumer base, and your origin story is a powerful means of establishing such a connection.

Why Video Tailors?

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When it comes to making video content for your company, investing in the best product available will serve you better in the long run. The better the content, the better the response from your audience. Considering this, there is not point in settling for less, when you can have the best with Video Tailors.

Back Up Your Product with Purpose

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