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What is a Sales Video?

It goes without saying, marketing and advertising are everything in today’s world. If you can’t capture your audience’s attention within the first 8 seconds, you may have already lost them. With everyone growing increasingly more busy and having less attention to give freely, it can be hard to sell them your product/service with pictures and “your word for it”.

So, how can you grab your audience’s attention in a whopping 8 seconds while creating an emotional connection and driving more traffic to your site? The answer is simple: video.

A sales video is a simple yet complex way of creating a connection with your target audience and providing them with a potent emotional pull and call to action in one fell swoop. Through the use of the most popular visual medium on the internet, you can not only increase the likelihood of your customers, both current and potential, buying your product and sharing your content with more potential customers.

Why are Sales Videos Important?

In our day and age, people want to learn, but they are less inclined to do so actively. Considering this, providing your target audience with cleverly enticing video content is a great way to provide them with a passive avenue for learning about your products/services and getting them to do something about it.

In a recent survey, Forbes found that 90% of participants reported that watching videos directly influences them to buy products/services, while 64% said that videos make them more likely to buy. These are staggering numbers, and it only makes sense to utilize such a powerfully influential force to improve profits.

You may be thinking, “For something so useful, it must be an expensive investment.” The fact of the matter is: video is one the cheapest methods of advertising content in regards to initial investment. So, not only does it have a low initial investment, but it promises a greater probability of high ROI and easy implementation into your marketing campaigns.

With videos being a visual medium, they allow you to put a face to your brand and build trust with potential clients before you even establish a sale. Not only that, but they give you an edge against the competition and set you apart from your competitors. Using videos to further your reach with sales and lead generation conveys your mission to clients with refreshing honesty that creates an emotional connection between your audience and your product/service. All in all, this drastically improves the probability of generating leads and sales and establishing rapport with return clientele.

Why Video Tailors?

Video Tailors specializes in taking your creative vision and making it a reality. Through creative, out-of-the-box storytelling and in-depth, personable consultations with clientele, Video Tailors takes the story of your business, product and/or service and delivers it in a high-quality, easily digestible method that will not only satisfy those whose story they are telling, but also the audiences whom the videos are for.

What sets Video Tailors apart even more so than their out-of-this-world content, is the fact that while they do plenty of work with large companies with extensive reach, Video Tailors doesn’t shy away from local businesses and providing them with the same high-quality, high-potency content that they generate for their larger clients. This sense of humility and longing to create is what truly makes Video Tailors a company worth working with, as they stand by their consistent guarantee of excellence that is self-evident across the board.

Your Products Aren’t Going to Sell Themselves!

When it comes to video content and establishing a creative and emotional work of art that increases your ROI, as well as creates poignant and lasting leads and sales for your product/service, there are plenty of options available in this vast world of ours. However, if you want a personal experience where your vision is held with the utmost respect and highest regard, and quality is your creed, then you needn’t look further than Video Tailors to dress up your business, product and/or service with high video quality, astounding customer service and consultation, and creative freedom that is certain to satisfy your desire for success with your business.